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Publication List, May 2015


Our newsletters contain a summary of the activities performed under EVERSAFE. The first issue covers the work performed between project start and June 2013 whereas the second newsletter provides an overview of the work carried out from June 2013 to project completion.

Eversafe Newsletter #1 June 2013

Eversafe Newsletter #2 February 2015


Here it is possible to have access to the major outcomes of the project. The project deliverables contain a detailed description of the work performed as well as its outcomes. EVERSAFE delivers a total of four documents covering the active and passive safety investigations, as well as recommendations for future safety actions.

Deliverable 2.1 – Driver and Vehicle Behaviour to Power Train Failures in Electric Vehicles
The main objectives for active safety investigations within the project were to address vehicle stability under failure conditions of electric power trains as well as to try to understand driver response in such situations. Test track trials and driving simulator experiments were used to study these issues. This document provides a detailed description of the active safety research performed within EVERSAFE.

Deliverable 2.1

Deliverable 3.1 – Recommendations and Guidelines for Battery Crash Safety and Post-Crash Safe Handling
Under the scope of active safety, the project focused on issues within the fields of crash compatibility (conventional vehicle fleet with electric fleet) and energy storage systems behaviour under and after crash loading. Concepts for post-crash handling were also under scrutiny. Conventional accident analysis, computer simulation, physical testing, and literature reviews were used for these investigations. All the activities performed under the passive safety umbrella are described in this document. This deliverable comes with two attachments, A and B. The first one contains a literature scan of vehicle batteries whereas the second has data related to the performed vehicle crash tests.

Deliverable 3.1

Deliverable 3.1 – Appendix A : Literature scan of vehicle batteries

Deliverable 3.1 – Appendix B: Crash test information

Deliverable 4.1 - Risk management approach
This document reviews functional safety standard ISO26262 and its applications within the project safety investigations.

Deliverable 4.1

Deliverable 4.2 –Recommendations for New Safety Requirements and Research
The main objective of the project is to provide safety requirements for electrically propelled vehicles. These are developed in terms of suggestions for legislations, standards and future research actions. This document synthetises the outcomes of the active and passive safety investigations in order to create the said recommendations for safety requirements.

Deliverable 4.2